Ewwww! Olympics to replace Japanese athlete’s gold medal after mayor bites into it

Oh no he didn’t! Japanese Takashi Kawamura takes a bit out of Olympian Miu Goto’s gold medal (Photo: Indy100)

Most Olympian medalists, in celebrating their victory often take a bite out of their medals, and a Japanese mayor decided that he wanted to see what it tasted like.

Nagoya Mayor Takashi Kawamura caused public outrage when he bit into a softball player’s gold medal without permission. Kawamura grossed everyone in a live TV event held to celebrate softball pitcher Miu Goto’s Olympic victory.

The Japanese women’s softball team, which Goto played for, beat the United States 2-0 to take Olympic gold in the final on July 27.

The moment has been heavily criticized for being disrespectful and unhygienic amid a surge in coronavirus cases.

The mayor has since apologized, and has offered to replace the medal from his own money. But he won’t need to.

Tokyo 2020 organizers said in a statement they will replace Goto’s medal and bear the cost of the exchange, according to Reuters.

“With support from the International Olympic Committee and in line with her own intention, Ms Goto’s medal is now set to be exchanged for a new one,” Tokyo 2020 organizers said.