Ex-Reggae Girlz head coach says JFF putting female programme at risk

Hue Menzies

Hue Menzies, who quit his job as Reggae Girlz head coach this week, is accusing the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) of putting the women’s programme at risk.

“Five years ago when I began this journey of fielding and training on a volunteer basis an incredible group of talented young ladies, no one expected that they would end up in the World Cup, certainly not the Jamaican Football Federation. But at this stage, the JFF has created such an impossible environment within which to continue, which has the entire program now at risk. The JFF has ceased communications with me which makes it impossible for me to carry out my duties as head coach,” Menzies said in a release after quitting his job.

He added: “In addition, the JFF is presently in breach of their agreements as they have not paid a single member of my entire coaching staff under the contracts they signed before the World Cup. Yet somehow, they found the funds to bring a large contingent of executives and back-office personnel to France [World Cup] in June. In good conscience I cannot be at the helm an organization that asks my people to work under these conditions.”

He also thanked the late Capt Horace Burrell and patron of the women’s programme Cedella Marley — daughter of Reggae legend Bob Marley — for their invitation to lead the Reggae Girlz.

Reggae Girlz

‘as a group we have made the Jamaican nation proud on the world stage.’

— Hue Menzies

“Together with our amazing players, we have accomplished a lot over the past five years, both on and off the field. We proudly celebrated the Caribbean Championship as well as being the very first Caribbean Nation to qualify for the World Cup. Our players have played for and graduated from colleges, and some have signed professional contracts to play for foreign countries. But most importantly, as a group we have made the Jamaican nation proud on the world stage,” he added.