Expect an increase on your electricity bill this month

BUZZ Fam, if last month’s electricity bill didn’t scare you enough, then the Jamaica Public Service company (JPS) is giving it another try.

The company said customers should expect to see an average of 8 per cent or $500 increase on their bills for this month. JPS is attributing this increase to the devaluation of the Jamaican dollar, which is now at $146 to $1 US.

The utility company also said that despite the fall in the price of oil on the world market, the decrease is not reflected in the price that Petrojam charges JPS and the Independent Power Producers (IPPs) for the oil used for electricity generation.

And the Fuel and IPP Charge on bills has moved from $21.7 per kilowatt-hour to $24.2 for each kilowatt-hour used.

“This is due to the higher Fuel and Independent Power Producer (IPP) Costs incurred in the past month, which is also impacted by the movement in the value of the dollar,” JPS said.

So the cost to the customers represents the cost the company pays at Petrojam.