Expectant mothers among others to be affected by move to OKEU Hospital

The transition from the Victoria Hospital to the European Union-funded Owen King (OKEU) Hospital is expected to affect expectant mothers among other groups.

This comes as the coronavirus outbreak has forced the government’s hand in advancing plans to open OKEU hospital on Friday (March 27)  as the new central point of contact for ordinary medical services.

The relocation exercise means that their will be disruptions to maternity and emergency services, which will now be shared with other medical institutions, including the incomplete St Jude Hospital in the south, which is still under reconstruction after a fire almost a decade ago. 

Victoria Hospital Nursing Director, Ruth Regis-Adesanya, said  that all is in place for a smooth and meticulous transition which is expected to start at 8:00 a.m.

Regis-Adesanya, further revealed that visiting hours would be limited to an hour to allow for the transfer of patients to OKEU Hospital.

Maternity patients remain at the over-100-years-old Victoria Hospital up until midday on Friday.

After Friday the maternity unit will be closed and outpatients needing care will be advised to proceed the OKEU hospital.

While, emergency services will still be available at the Victoria Hospital up until 4pm on March 27; however, during the transition patients may also be transferred to Saint Jude.

Victoria Hospital Medical Director Dr Alisha Eugene Ford says steps are also being taken to ensure the necessary protective gear is available for all health service providers at both institutions.

She also pointed out that after Friday, Victoria hospital will be the main respiratory unit and will only accept persons with respiratory illnesses (such as flu and asthma, etc.), with all others will be directed to OKEU.