Explain or go: PNP want Vaz to explain US visa waiver

The opposition People’s National Party (PNP) is calling on cabinet minister Daryl Vaz to explain the waiver which has resulted in him being issued a one-year US visa. 

In a release on Saturday (September 25) the PNP said the explanation was necessary because the visa contains an annotation that was troubling.

“However, this visa contains an annotation that reads “212(SMALL D) (3) (A) WAIVER of 212 (A) (2C) (1) which is a provision that, under US immigration law, applied to controlled substance traffickers or their knowing aiders and abettors,” said the PNP in the release

“Mr Vaz is a sitting member of the Cabinet, and the need for this waiver raises immediate concerns which must be addressed,” added the party in the release.

The opposition party noted that while the visa revocation under this section of the US immigration laws does not rise to the standard of proven guilt in wrongdoing, it was necessary for Vaz to immediately make a full and transparent public disclosure about the matter.

The PNP adds that Vaz must explain or be removed from the cabinet.