Facebook banning ads that “discourage” vaccine

Facebook will not be accepting any ad that “discourages” the use of vaccine. The social media giant made the announcement today (October 13). It is the latest example of its more aggressive approach to regulating content on the platform.

The company said the ban on anti-vaccine ads is part of a new effort to support immunization efforts around the world.

“Our goal is to help messages about the safety and efficacy of vaccines reach a broad group of people, while prohibiting ads with misinformation that could harm public health efforts,” Kang-Xing Jin, the company’s head of health, and Rob Leathern, director of product management for the ads team wrote.

They said the new policy builds on an existing policy that bans ads that contain “vaccine hoaxes.”

“Now, if an ad explicitly discourages someone from getting a vaccine, we’ll reject it.”