Fake divorces still being probed

Justice Minister Delroy Chuck says several Jamaicans have received fake divorce papers. (Photo: JIS)

There seems to be no end in sight for the ongoing investigation into the issuing of fake divorce papers.

The latest development in what has been a two-year-old investigation is that Jamaica’s Justice Minister Delroy Chuck believes that members of the legal fraternity are involved in the scheme where shysters issue fake Decree Absolute documents to unsuspecting persons seeking to complete their divorces in short order.

A Decree Absolute is a court of law’s final order officially ending a marriage, enabling either party to remarry.

The Justice Minister revealed on television recently that about a month ago, Jamaica’s Chief Justice, The Honourable Mr Justice Bryan Sykes, received correspondence that was also copied to him, from a law firm bringing attention to about nine of 10 cases of divorce where the final divorce documents turned out to be fake.

The documents, Chuck said, though fake, were on what appeared to be legitimate letterheads from the said law firm. However, the firms had no knowledge of these cases.

The news comes on the heels of a recent court appearance of a sergeant of police, who, it is alleged, has been offering forged divorce documents.

The matter came to the light in late 2017 when persons, who believed they were divorced, began turning up at the Registrar General Department seeking marriage licences.

Subsequent Investigations led to the arrest of four persons, including an employee at the Supreme Court, on charges of forgery, uttering forged documents and conspiracy. Among the victims caught in the scheme was Melvin Samuels, who, in October 2017, was eventually cleared of bigamy charges in the Cayman Courts after it was determined that he had been duped by the shysters.

Written by Chase