Falmouth further developing its tourism potential

A Disney Cruise ship at the historic Falmouth cruise terminal.

The town of Falmouth has risen from its slumber in the last few years and is now billed as one of the fastest-growing towns in the Caribbean.

Since the development of the cruise ship terminal, the town has seen a dramatic change that has now put it on the tourism map. The town is now welcoming more cruise passengers than any other port in the country and looks set to continue this trend.

With the dredging of the Falmouth harbour completed, the port is now expected to facilitate two Oasis Class vessels at the same time. This means more passengers will be disembarking in the historical town, a further boost to the tourism product.

Work is now underway to create a state of the art artisan village that will be a link between locals and the visitors. That is expected to be completed in the coming year.