Family baffled after T&T woman dies from COVID-19, cousin says she had no comorbidities

The family of a young Trinidad and Tobago woman are in a  state of shock, after their 34-year-old loved one passed away on Sunday (May 30) following a brief battle with COVID-19.

Rachel Rollock’s family members say the 34-year-old, who is the island’s youngest COVID-19 victim to date, had no comorbidities.

Rollock’s cousin, who spoke with a local publication, revealed that she had complained of back pain a week before her death, but had attributed the pain to a recent rigours exercise session.

According to the cousin of the deceased, Rollock was feeling well and even moving around when she arrived at the hospital.

However, the cousin says he was shocked to learn that Rollock, who he described as having had  “a little fever and a little chest pain” died one day after arriving at hospital.

Rollock’s sudden death has shocked her family and has left  many searching for answers.

According to the Tobago Regional Health Authority, Rollock is the island’s 11th COVID fatality.