Family discovered in farmhouse basement awaiting “the end of time”

It’s a strange situation to say the least, but police in the Netherlands are trying to get a handle on a situation where seven persons were found to be living in a cellar of a farmhouse, apparently closed off from humanity awaiting the end of the world.

An aerial view of the farmhouse where 7 adults have been living in isolation in Ruinerwold, northern Netherlands. (Photo:CBS)

The police made the discovery last week and disclosed that so far, they have found 6 adults between the ages of 18 and 25 living with a 58-year-old Austrian man. It is unclear as to their relationship but it has been assumed that they are family and that the 58-year-old is a father to the younger people.

The news has stirred up quite a buzz in the Dutch town of Ruinerwold where the farmhouse is located. Residents indicate that they are quite surprised as they had no idea that this sort of thing could have been going on right under their noses but described the 58 year old as a loner and quite secretive.

However, things began unravelling last week when the 25-year-old wandered away from the farm and found himself in the nearby town. Confused about the situation, he sought help from pub owner who contacted the police who moved in.

So far the police have disclosed that the six young people had believed that they were the only living humans and were living a self-sufficient life which included sourcing produce from a large vegetable garden. The 58-year-old has so far been described as uncooperative has been arrested.