Family of J’can man killed in US days before George Floyd demands answers

The family of a Jamaican man who migrated to the United States nine years ago is seeking answers after he was shot and killed following an encounter with police on May 23.

Maurice S. Gordon

Jamaican-born Maurice S. Gordon died following a routine traffic stop on a New Jersey highway just two days before African American George Floyd was killed. 

Twenty-eight-year-old Gordon, who hails from Spanish Town in Jamaica, was allegedly pulled over for speeding on May 23.

Gordon’s mother, Racquel Barrett, who recently flew to the United States from London has said that the police department is refusing to release information as to what transpired between her son and the policeman which resulted in Gordon being shot multiple times. 

Maurice S. Gordon

William O. Wagstaff, the attorney representing Gordon’s family has said that Gordon was placed in the back of a police car and was made to wait for about 30 minutes.

According to Wagstaff, Gordon was never issued a traffic ticket or told he was under arrest and was said to have attempted to unbuckle his seat belt a couple of times, after being told not to.

According to the attorney, Gordon eventually unbuckled his seat belt and attempted to get out of the police car.

A fight ensued between Gordon and the police officer and Gordon was shot multiple times. 

Gordon, who was a chemistry student and an Uber driver, migrated to the US to live with his father.