Family outraged after man fatally stabbed by tenant in Jamaica

58-year-old Desmond Sherwood

Condolences have been pouring in from as far away as Germany, following the death of 58-year-old Desmond Sherwood.

Reports are that on Sunday (May 2) Sherwood was involved in a dispute with one of his tenants over the collection of rent, during which he was fatally stabbed. 

Following his passing Sherwood’s son took to social media to denounce the violent manner in which his father lost his life noting that he was not deserving of such a death.

According to Sherwood’s son, David, his father was a respectable man who always sought to help others. 

“Rip pappa Mr. Desmond Sherwood. They took your life for no reason,” David said on Facebook .

“A person that works hard, helps people in need and a respectable man. Let the almighty preserve your soul and open the gates of heaven for you. Those who hate you will be clothed with shame and the tent of the wicked will be no more. Jah live,” he added.

Similarly, one of Sherwood’s friends who lived in the Exchange, St Ann community noted that he was a “ kind hearted man” who always looked out for members of the community 

“My condolences, so sad yow, Mr Desmond look out for everyone and always have a great spirit,” added Sherwood’s friend, who also shared condolences for the mourning  family

Sherwood’s sister, Lavern, also expressed sadness and outrage at her brother’s passing.

“I still can’t believe that unscrupulous person took my brother’s life……killed him in his sleep! O my Lord, this hurts so much,” she said online 

“Please pray for his children. It’s hard to lose both parents. Why is mankind so hateful, what did he do to deserve such an end? O my God,” she added. 

According to police, they are currently searching for the suspect who fled the scene following incident.