Father of Barbados prime minister wins defamation suit against former PM Owen Arthur

Queen’s Counsel Sir Elliott Mottley at right with his attorneys in 2018.

Queen’s Counsel Sir Elliott Mottley—the father of Prime Minister of Barbados Mia Mottley—has won his defamation of character lawsuit against former Prime Minister Owen Arthur.

The High Court in Barbados ruled that Arthur used words capable of defaming Sir Mottley in the lead-up to the May 24, 2018 general election.

Sir Mottley filed an action in the high court on July 23, 2018 with the claim that the words uttered by Arthur during a press briefing on May 14, 2018 were capable of defaming him, based on the meaning or meanings attributed to Arthur’s statement which was published by a number of news outlets.

Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur has lost a defamation suit filed against him by the father of current Prime Minister Mia Mottley.

 “In the circumstances, taking guidance from the principals and noting what constitutes ‘defamatory’, I hold that the words used by the defendant are capable of having the meaning attributed to them in…the claimant’s statement of claim,” Justice Barry Carrington reportedly ruled. It is understood that immediately following Justice Carrington’s decision, Arthur’s counsel served notice of his client’s intention to appeal the decision. The application to appeal was not contested by Mottley’s legal team.