Fears heightened in St Lucia as Martinique confirms 2 cases of COVID-19

Saint Lucians are calling on the government to implement more stringent measures following news that the coronavirus has been confirmed in neighbouring Martinique.

Just 81 Kilometers north of St Lucia, Martinque is a popular destination for Lucians who use the ferry almost daily to purchase goods and services from the neighbouring island.

However, following news on Thursday (March 5) that there are now two confirmed cases in Martinique, Lucians believe that there needs to be more measures to contain the spread of the diseases, with some saying it’s time to implement travel restrictions, as well as greater precautionary measures for those working at ports of entry.

“Our children meet the flights with no protective gears, no testing equipment on St. Lucia yet……everyday my son goes to this airport is torture in my heart……this is insane,” said one woman on Facebook.

“For sure sista a lot is being kept away from us. But at the end of the day we have to do our best to protect ourselves. The question is how do we protect ourselves and our families if we are being lied to,” added another Facebook.

Fears surrounding COVID-19 are not only shared by the public, but former Minister of Health Dr Keith Mondesir also shared his concerns stating on   Friday (March 6) that he believes that the country is now at a greater risk given its proximity to Martinqe.  

Late last month, the Prime Minister Allen Chastanet and Chief Medical Officer, Dr Sharon Belmar-George traveled to Barbados to meet with others in the region about various preparations and responses to deal with the threat of COVID-19.