Fighting back against Ebola

When the word Ebola is mentioned, it is usually tied to an outbreak of the deadly disease.

The latest outbreak has affected some 3180 persons and about two-thirds of that have led to fatal consequences. The World Health Organization (WHO) has been mobilizing aid to try and assist with the problem.

However, there has been news that things are improving in Africa, where the disease is mostly located, and when we hear news that strides have been made in tackling the disease, we are inclined to welcome those tidings.

Reports have come forward that the response in Ebola-hit countries has seen improvements with the introduction of new vaccines and therapies. The vaccines they note help to prevent transmission of the disease which has led to the containment of the disease in areas like the Congo.

These and other types of new treatments have now put the situation at a turning point, where persons who access treatment within the first 48-hours of their illness stand a greater chance of survival.

The plan according to the WHO is to stop transmission of the disease by the end of the year if everything goes well.