Final tests of coronavirus vaccines to start next month

BUZZ Fam, let’s keep our fingers crossed that a coronavirus vaccine will be available soon.

Thee first experimental coronavirus vaccine in the United States is on track to begin a huge study next month to prove if it really can fend off the virus, and Brazil is testing a different shot from China.

While the health officials work on the vaccine, they are worries about where they would conducts testing, and if people will volunteer.

Moderna Inc. said Thursday the vaccine it is developing with the National Institutes of Health will be tested in 30,000 people in the US. Some will get the real shot and some a dummy shot, as scientists carefully compare which group winds up with the most infections.

With far fewer coronavirus cases in China, Sinovac Biotech turned to Brazil, the epicentre of Latin America’s outbreak, for at least part of its final testing.

The government of São Paulo announced Thursday that Sinovac will ship enough of its experimental vaccine to test in 9,000 Brazilians starting next month.

If it works, “this vaccine we will be able to immunise millions of Brazilians,” said São Paulo´s Governor Joao Doria.

Worldwide, about a dozen COVID-19 potential vaccines are in early stages of testing.

Vaccines train the body to recognise a virus and fight back, and specialists say it’s vital to test shots made in different ways — to increase the odds that at least one kind will work.