Finally! Gordon Town main road to be reopened

After being out of operation for more than two months, the Gordon Town main road in St Andrew will reopen on Monday, January 18.

The news is welcomed relief for those in some rural St Andrew communities who have literally been marooned at home, with those daring enough to venture out, doing so at the risk of their own lives, in addition to increased transportation cost.

According to the National Works Agency, road work activities have intensified in the area to allow for the reopening of the popular corridor next week.

“We are working towards a completion date of January 18, leading up to this we have basically doubled the work team, we have brought in more equipment,” said communications officer Natalie Bloomfield.

Bloomfield went on to explain that because of the terrain, NWA crew had difficulty getting equipment to the location, which had resulted in delays.

“We were having difficulty with the equipment and we were having to do what we call ‘double hand’ the materials. For example, one piece of equipment brings the material to one point, it is unloaded then reloaded on to another due to the narrowness of the roadway,” added Bloomfield.

The Gordon Town road was impacted by heavy rains associated with Tropical Storm Zeta and Hurricane Eta in November 2020.

The communities affected included Mavis Bank, Pennfield, Content, and Tower Hill.

It was estimated by the government agency that the repair cost would amount to $200 million.