Fire kills 10 COVID-19 patients at hospital in Romania

A fire that broke out at the Piatra Neamt Regional Emergency Hospital in Romania on Saturday has killed 10 COVID-19 patients.

Firefighting engines and ambulances are stationed outside the hospital in Piatra Neamt, northern Romania, on Saturday, November 14. (Photo: AP)

It is understood that the blaze spread through the intensive care ward at the public hospital in the city of Piatra Neamt. The ward was designated for COVID-19 patients.

Seven people have also been injured.

“Ten people have been declared dead and seven people are in critical condition, including a doctor,” said hospital spokesperson Irina Popa.

The doctor, who was on duty, tried to save the patients from the fire and received first and second-degree burns. He is now in critical condition.

The fire, which officials believe was caused by a short circuit, is now under control.