FIRED: Antigua’s Commissioner of Police dismissed with immediate effect

Commissioner of Police of the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda, Wendel Robinson, was fired with immediate effect on Tuesday.

Robinson (right) has been stripped of his rank and pension.

Chairman of Antigua and Barbuda’s Police Service Commission (PSC), Kelvin John, notified Robinson of the dismissal in a letter.

John said that the PSC was acting under the power of the constitution to dismiss Robinson “in the public interest”, which also means that Robinson will not receive a pension.

In the letter, John said that Robinson did not “possess the suitability and temperament that accord with the office of Commissioner of Police”. He Robinson that and minister with responsibility for Police Service, Steadroy Benjamin, had a “severely compromised” relationship, which has impeded Robinson’s ability to be effective.

John also cites “Section Seven of the Pensions Act”, for not allowing Robinson to receive a pension, gratuity and other allowances. However, under the Act, the Governor-General can grant these to Robinson.