Fires and looting in Minneapolis as protesters demand justice for George Floyd

Protesters lit buildings on fire to demand justice for the killing of unarmed black man, George Floyd (Photo: New York Times)

Protesters lit fires to buildings in Minneapolis, and multiple stores, including Target were looted as they demanded justice for the killing of George Floyd.

Video footage that has since gone viral on social media showed the 46-year-old black man being pressed against the ground by a white police officer who held him down with a knee on his neck. All the while, Floyd, who was handcuffed, pleaded that he could not breathe. Three other officers were also on the scene.

This killing of this unarmed black man in Minneapolis on Monday, has triggered unrest across US cities.

In Los Angeles, hundreds of people marched to protest Floyd’s death and police brutality. At one point, some demonstrators attacked a California Highway Patrol car.

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The unrest spread to Memphis, Tennessee. Where police responded to a protest in riot gear and at least two people were arrested.

The four police officers who were seen in the video has since been fired, and Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has called for the officer who had his knee to Floyd’s neck to be charged.

At the same time, the governor, along with Floyd’s family is calling for peaceful protests.