First human case of H1N03 bird flu reported in China

At this rate BUZZ Fam, we’re not even surprised.

So a 41-year-old man in China has been confirmed as the first human case of infection with a rare strain of bird flu known as H10N3. This is according to the Beijing’s National Health Commission (NHC).

Reuters reports that the man, who is a resident of the city of Zhenjiang, was hospitalized on April 28 and diagnosed with H10N3 on May 28. But no details were given as to how he came to be infected.

Maybe we can take comfort in the fact that H10N3 is low pathogenic. This means BUZZ Fam that it causes relatively less severe disease in poultry and is unlikely to cause a large-scale outbreak, according to the NHC.

The man’s condition is now stable and he is ready to be discharged the commission added. And Investigation of his close contacts found no other cases. No other cases of human infection with H10N3 have been reported globally, it added.

According to the World Health Organisation, the virus is not a common strain.

Only around 160 isolates of the virus were reported in the 40 years to 2018, mostly in wild birds or waterfowl in Asia and some limited parts of North America, and none had been detected in chickens so far.