Floods, fire and catastrophe: Yahweh cult leader predicts doom for Jamaica

Leader of the alleged cult Yahweh Nissi in St James (Photo: Facebook)

Leader of the Yahweh Nissi religious group in St James, Brandon Thompson, foretells widespread destruction for Jamaica as the country has decided, in his mind, not to accept the teachings of the “true god”.

A video of Thompson, which made the rounds on social media this weekend, indicated that his “message” was directed to Prime Minister Andrew Holness and the wider Jamaican population.

The unnerving, two-minute video was filled with pauses. Thompson also made no attempts to blink in his ‘prophecy’.

“Hallelujah. Now, this is a message that must be delivered to the Prime Minister and to the nation of Jamaica. This is a message of judgment for Jamaica,” he began.

According to Thompson, Jamaica’s imminent destruction is due largely to the ‘fact’ that the island has rejected Yahweh for a false god, lord and gone to the extent of demon-worshipping.

Thompson claims Jamaica has rejected Yahweh, and the country will be smitten with catastrophe (Photo: Facebook)

“Thus sayeth Yahweh Sabaoth…the people of Jamaica have rejected Yahweh for God. They have rejected Yahweh for Lord; they have rejected Yahweh for Baal worship,” the Yahweh Nissi leader argued.

Raising his hands, Thompson then declared that he received word from Yahweh himself, that He would visit Jamaica at her ‘maturity’, bringing catastrophic fire and water similar to the times of Old Testament.

“For this reason, as it was in the time of Noah and Lot, so shall it now be in Jamaica. ‘I will visit Jamaica suddenly,’ sayeth Yahweh Elohim Sabaoth ‘In the time of her maturity when they think not’,” Thompson declared.

“Waters and fires in abundance shall be upon the land. Thus sayeth Yahweh Sabaoth! Hallelujah!” he exclaimed, before proceeding to speak “in tongues”.

See full video below:

Leader of the allege cult that was raided by the security force, send warning to Jamaica.

Posted by Mobay Tory – MBT on Sunday, November 10, 2019

Prophetic retaliation?

BUZZ has been unable to confirm the exact date of the video’s release, however, claims have emerged that the ‘prophecy’ was done in retaliation to the recent raid on the Yahweh Nissi’s headquarters in Norwood, St James. During the raid, several teenaged girls were rescued from the Yahweh Nissi facility, after reports surfaced that children were being held against their will – cut off from contact with outside society.

Thompson, who runs the operation with his brother, Omar, insists his organisation, now being labelled a cult, has done nothing wrong. He accused the police and Child Development Agency (CDA) of unfair treatment.