FLOP OR NOT? JUTC bashed on Twitter over ‘uncreative’ ad

A screengrab from the ad.

The Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) is being bashed over a promotional video which Twitter users say lacks creativity among other things.

The ad seeks to promote JUTC’s drive to become cashless through the use of its smartcards. The advert is used to also demonstrate to persons how to access and use the card.

But Twitter users were quick to bash the ad.

A screengrab of the ad.

“I don’t like this Ad, it makes women look irrational. Left the car to go tek JUTC bus. Yu mussi mad,” Mama B commented.

Camille said: “I cannot begin to even express how absolutely ridiculous that JUTC commercial is. Cannot. Kmt.”

Jack Napier PhD tweeted, “I just don’t like the premise of the ad. Only woman with man problem need JUTC??”

What do you think BUZZ Fam, was it a hit or a miss?