Flow provides improved connectivity for 24,000 customers in St Catherine, St James

Flow Jamaica has upgraded its network in several St Catherine and St James communities in a bid to provide improved connectivity for its customers.

The telecommunications and entertainment company said the recent upgrades will see better service provided for customers in Old Harbour, St Catherine and the St James communities of Tryall, Sandy Bay, Pitfour Pen, Anchovy, Reading, Sign, Bogue, Unity Hall, Catherine Hall and John’s Hall.

Flow’s Director of Maintenance, Shawn Holder, said “New hardware was installed to provide additional capacity and facilitate faster broadband speeds for approximately 22,000 customers, thereby improving their browsing experience.”

Janet Ferguson, a Catherine Hall customer, added that the improved service will assist given she spend much of the day in online meetings. “I used to experience occasional fluctuations but now my internet service is doing much better,” Ferguson said.

A further 2,000 customers in Old Harbour communities of New Harbour Villages 1-3, Rhone Park and the town center have also benefited from better service with Flow’s upgrades to its hybrid fibre-coaxial.

Holder said the company continues to work on improving its capacity to facilitate the increased demands for its services at this time.