Poll closed in PNP race

And now they wait. Poll has been closed in the PNP presidential election.

An announcement is expected to be made at 6pm as to a winner.

Peter Bunting has challenged Dr Peter Phillips for the presidency of the party and both camps have expressed confidence in a victory.

Damion Crawford says One PNP won the first round

Damion Crawford is confident of a One PNP victory.

Damion Crawford believes the Dr Peter Phillips’ One PNP team has won the early rounds of the contest.

“We think we have won phase one. We are going into phase two and later on we will have phase three. We have to win all phases to win an election so we have no prediction at this time,” Crawford said.

He added: “Phase one is to ensure that between 6:00 am and 11:00 am you get your people registered and you get your voters from far places, like Westmoreland, St James and St Elizabeth here and we have achieved that.

‘I have never joined the group that said we cannot win.’

— Damion Crawford

“I am always confident. I have never joined the group that said we cannot win. I win till I lose. Therefore, straight through to the finish line, I am confident until the results come out.”

Crawford is supporting incumbent Dr Peter Phillips in the presidential race. Phillips is being challenged by Peter Bunting.

Majority of delegates have now voted

Director of Elections Glasspole Brown.

The majority of the delegates have now voted in the PNP presidential election.

As at 2:00 pm 2,503 of the 2,908 delegates have cast their votes.

This represents 87 per cent of those on the voters’ list. Voting ends at 4 o’clock.

According to Director of elections Glasspole Brown, the result is expected to be given to general secretary of the PNP Julian Robinson by 6:00 pm. Brown said he is expecting more than 90 per cent of the delegates to vote.

He said the day has progressed smoothly with just some minor problems that they were able to overcome.

Rise United, One PNP oozing with confidence

Imani Duncan-Price of the One PNP camp says Dr Phillips numbers are holding up.

Both the One PNP and the Rise United camps are oozing with confidence in a victory.

Imani Duncan-Price of One PNP told BUZZ that their numbers are holding up.

However, a leading member of Rise United was adamant that “we are looking good, looking good”. Both camps have several tents pitched outside the National Arena, where some 2,900 delegates are voting.

Peter Bunting is challenging Dr. Peter Phillips to lead the 83-year-old movement.

Winner could be announced by 6 o’clock

People’s National Party General Secretary, Julian Robinson is projecting that the winner of the presidential election could be announced by 6 o’clock this evening (Sat, Sept 7).

“We close at 4 o’clock and then we expect to go into counting, so I’m hopeful by 6 o’clock we can make an announcement,” Robinson said.

Incumbent Party President Dr. Peter Phillips is trying to stave off a challenge from former party General Secretary Peter Bunting in the hotly contested battle.

According to Robinson, it has been smooth sailing since delegates began voting this morning at the National Arena.

He added: “I would say the day is going smoothly. The people are coming through; they are voting. We had a rush at the beginning; it has kind of tapered off. The process is working so far I would say, so good.”

Carnival-like atmosphere at PNP election

A carnival-like atmosphere is currently prevailing as delegates cast their ballots in the PNP presidential election.

Supporters for Dr Peter Phillips and Peter Bunting are being entertained by selections from sound systems at the National Arena.

The vibe at the venue has been energetic with both candidates setting up camps at different sections of the premises.

Voting progressing smoothly

Voting in the People’s National Party presidential election is reportedly going smoothly at the National Arena in St Andrew.

Delegates began casting their ballots at ten o’clock. There’s no report of incidents.

Dr  Peter Phillips, who is the sitting president, and his challenger Peter Bunting, are expected to cast their vote later this afternoon.