Food for months: Three months supply of food in warehouses

Up to three months supply of food and basic essentials are in storage, according to members of the local retail and distribution trade.

This assurance comes as people rush to stock up on supplies because of the news of confirmed coronavirus cases in the country.

As of, Friday, March 13th, there were eight confirmed cases.

There is no need to panic. Inventories remain strong,” said Finance Minister Dr Nigel Clarke, said at a press conference on Thursday.

Minister of Finance, Dr Nigel Clarke

The finance minister also met with large players in manufacturing and distribution and sought to calm nervous workers and business operators who he acknowledged have expressed concerns about liquidity in the economy.

“The central bank has informed the private sector that there are sufficient reserves in place and that it “stands ready to respond”, Clarke told journalists.

“The Bank of Jamaica has buffers for times exactly like this where they may need to step in if there are shocks to the system that would warrant their intervention,” he insisted.