Football legend Diego Maradona recovering in hospital

Argentinian football legend Diego Maradona is now recovering in hospital after being admitted on Monday.

Maradona was hospitalised on Monday. (Photo: Getty Images)

Maradona, 60, was admitted to the Ipensa clinic in La Plata, Argentina.

According to his personal doctor, Leopoldo Luque, the former footballer was anaemic and dehydrated. He stressed that Argentinian does not have COVID-19.

It is said that Maradona is still undergoing tests, and he is expected to stay in hospital for at least three days as he undergoes observation.

“He is not well psychologically and that has an impact on his physical wellbeing,” Luque said. “He’s not as well as I would like and as well as I know he can be. He needs help, this is the time to help him… Diego is a person who is sometimes excellent and sometimes not so much. He could be 10 thousand times better. And bringing him here helps him.”

Luque, however, did not state exactly what was wrong with Maradona.

But this wouldn’t be the former footballer’s first time in hospital. In 2004, he was admitted with severe heart and respiratory problems linked to cocaine use and had to go through rehabilitation in Cuba and Argentina. And in 2007, he would check himself into a clinic because of alcohol abuse.