Former NCB branch in Montego Bay converted to supermarket

The supermarket is fully operational at the space once occupied by the National Commercial Bank.

The former home of the first branch of the National Commercial Bank in St James is now housing a supermarket.

The branch, which was located on St James Street in the town of Montego Bay, had been closed for a while, and its operations were moved to the Baywest and Fairview locations.

However, for many, it was strange to see the space once associated with NCB being used as a supermarket.

The ATMs are still available for use by NCB customers.

Luckily, the ATMs are still on the building, so persons can use the location for some amount of business.

While the change is shocking to some persons, this is not the first time that a former NCB branch has been converted into a supermarket, as something similar happened on Barnett Street in the parish about five years ago.