‘Free up di bad word’? BUZZ poll suggests most Jamaicans endorse expletives in dancehall

Our first poll has struck a chord with BUZZ readers, with the majority of participants being in favour of more freedom for expletives at dancehall events.

In the poll, which opened last Thursday, we asked BUZZ readers: “Should expletives be allowed at dancehall events?”

Nearly 37 per cent of responders voted that they ‘Strongly Agreed’, with another 32 per cent declaring they simply ‘Agree’.

The sentiment wasn’t purely in favour of ‘freeing up bad words’, as close to 23 per cent of BUZZ readers voted they ‘Strongly Disagree’.

An additional eight per cent of respondents simply choose to ‘Disagree’ — voicing their opinion to continue to support the ban on expletives.

Dancehall artiste Chronic Law, a headline act at Fully Loaded in St. Ann earlier this summer. Fully Loaded was one of many Dancehall-themed events that got shut down prematurely due to the ban on expletives.

The practice, which is illegal in public spaces, can lead to a $2,000 fine if uttered in the presence of a Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) officer.

In recent months, Opposition Senator Andre Haughton expressed his support for the use of expletives in such spaces.

Haughton went further to signal his push for a review of the Towns and Communities Act, under which the use of ‘bad words’ in public spaces falls.