Gang members deliver food to the poor amidst lock down

(Photo: The Indian Express)

Everyone is pitching in to help out during the coronavirus pandemic-even gangs. In the poor Cape Town areas, the criminal gang,  ‘Americans’ delivered care packages to people struggling during the lockdown.

Working side-by-side notorious gang members deliver bread, flour and vegetables to poor families who are struggling during South Africa’s coronavirus lockdown. The lockdown has closed industries and left many in Manenberg without work.

The project was started by Andie Steele-Smith, an Australian known as the “gang pastor.” They ride in the back of his pickup truck and trailer, leaping off to carry items to homes and soup kitchens.

Steele-Smith told the Associate Press that “as soon as these guys were given an opportunity to do something good, they grabbed the opportunity with both hands and are just wringing it for everything they can.”

The gangs also benefit, getting some food as well as the chance to stay relevant in tough times. They also seem to enjoy the role of modern-day Robin Hoods.