Gang members release 1000 cockroaches in a restaurant over unpaid debt

(Photo: Complex)

Does the thought of cockroaches running around make your skin crawl? Well, just imagine how this restaurant owner is feeling.

So the police in Taiwan believe a gang is responsible for releasing 1000 cockroaches in the G-House Taipei restaurant.

The gang was apparently sending a message to the restaurant owner over unpaid debt according to the Dailymail.

In a CCTV video released by Taipei police, two men in black enter a restaurant, throw cockroaches into the air and then escape.

At a press conference, Taipei Police Secretary Chen Jiachang said throwing a cockroach bag is classified as a violent act and should be punished. He added that the roach is small and probably the type used to feed fish.

Police are reportedly organizing things now. Four men and one woman suspected of being involved in the cockroach attack were reportedly detained.

Naturally, the restaurant had to close down for sterilization.