Ganja growers want Government to ban vaping amid US health crisis

The Ganja Growers and Producers Association Jamaica (GGPAJ) is calling for the immediate removal of vaporisers or electronic smoking cigarettes (e-cigarettes) from the domestic market.

The call comes amid the ongoing vaping crisis unfolding in the United States, where hundreds of teens have fallen critically ill from using the devices. Some of these youngsters have developed mysterious lung disease from the practice.

Already, six deaths have been directly linked to vaping-related lung illnesses or complications.

GGPAJ President Richard Crawford suggested vaping devices — especially the flavoured variety — be taken off the market to prevent a repeat of the crisis now facing the US.

Richard ‘Dickie’ Crawford (Photo contributed)

“The GGPAJ is calling on our Government to follow suit to prevent the growing opioid and vaping crisis from creating a dangerous and unhealthy situation in the country, particularly among school children and young people who are attracted by these fads and imported supplies,” Crawford remarked in a press release.

In the meantime, the GGPAJ wants its member farmers and partners to continue to keep the nation informed against these dangerous practices.

“We expect our members, associates, license holders, farmers and the elders and members of the Rastafari, herbalist, naturopaths, Maroons and traditional wellness communities to continue to lead the way in keeping Jamaica informed and free from these new, dangerous chemical & synthetic products,” the GGPAJ asserted.