Gassan Azan among three honoured by Munro College Old Boys Association

Dr Brian Morgan, Gassan Azan and Jackie Parchment, daughter of the late Trevor Parchment.

Prominent businessman Gassan Azan was among three distinguished past students inducted into the Munro College Old Boys Association’s Hall of Fame on Sunday (Oct 13).

The others were dentist Dr Brian Morgan, and Trevor Parchment, a former sports player and administrator, who was posthumously awarded.

The ceremony was held at the Caymanas Golf and Country Club in St Catherine. The event saw some of Jamaica’s top public and private sector executives in attendance, some of whom attended Munro College.

Both Azan and Morgan agreed that their journey at Munro was their parents’ way of getting them out of the mischief they used to partake in as children. Azan from Havendale, St Andrew and Morgan from Spanish Town, St Catherine, where shipped off to board at Munro. This never ended their mischief-making ways. However, they agreed that Munro was instrumental in their development and played a pivotal role in their professional successes.

Azan said: “I think it is good to say that Munro has definitely laid the groundwork, in a number of ways, for my personal development. The clean shoes, clean nails, your personal appearance, these are things that somehow, I am not sure are taken that serious in Jamaica today. I want to say that Munro has instilled in all of us who have gone there, some of the best traits.”

Morgan said: “I am deeply humbled and moved to be the recipient of this honour. At Munro, I would say I had a wonderful time.”

Jackie Parchment, who accepted the award on behalf of her father, said that he was very humble man.