Gender activists call on women to ‘lock shop’ to protest violence against women

Gender activists are calling on women to withhold sex from their partners for more than a month, in protest of violence against women.

The call was first sounded by Trinidad and Tobago writer and gender advocate Nazma Muller, who took to her social-media page to urge women to organise a sex strike to starve men into submission, and put the cause of women’s rights on the front burner.

She is proposing that the sex strike be imposed until March 8, International Women’s Day.

Since then Jamaican gender activists have added their voice to the call.

Professor Opal Palmer Adisa, university director of the Institute for Gender and Development Studies, at The University of the West Indies, Mona believes its time women start using their power.

“Jamaica needs a strike. I think that women have more power than they exercise,” he said.

However, Palmer Adisa believes that a lot of women may not feel empowered enough to participation to participate in the strike. So she is hoping for a mass participation.