General opening could spell disaster says Holness as he extends COVID restrictions

According to Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness, a general reopening of the country, at this time, could spell disaster for the nation.

Holness made the statement as he extended COVID-19 restrictions for another four weeks while speaking in the house of parliament on Tuesday (May 4).

The PM asked Jamaicans to bear with the restrictions for another 4 to 6 weeks, at which time he suggested that the country would likely be within the green zone that would allow for greater freedom.

“Once we are within this green zone, which we’re not quite, we’re just hovering there, we are expecting that within the next six weeks, we should be well within that green zone. And then we can consider certain measures for relaxation,” said Holness

“So Madam Speaker, I want to prepare the nation that though we are having good news that we are not going to make the error of having any general opening because that could be dangerous. Indeed, it could spell disaster. So I’m asking the nation to bear with us for another six weeks,” he added.

While most of the measures have remained unchanged, including the gathering limit of ten, the below are the updated curfew hours which will remain in effect until June 2, 2020.

Monday- Friday Curfew Hours (Unchanged)

8pm to 5am

Saturday Curfew

Saturdays – 6pm to 5am

Sunday Curfew (Unchanged)

Sundays – 2pm to 5am

Labour Day, (May 24)

All-day curfew (no movement day)