General Secretary Robinson says PNP ready for election

PNP General Secretary Julian Robinson

General Secretary of the People’s National Party (PNP), Julian Robinson, believes the party is ready for the general election, which is constitutionally due February next year.

According to Robinson, there are approximately seven seats that the party needs to fill with candidates, but this should be completed in the upcoming weeks.

He said the party has also done extensive work on policy issues of crime, corruption and the inequalities in Jamaica, which he claims to be the three big-ticket items for the PNP going into the election. Robinson said the party has put in place communication strategy. The party is to stage a retreat later this week with its slate of candidates and campaign managers to strategise on the election.

According to Robinson, the party will be focusing on a number of seats as they seek to regain power that they lost to the ruling Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) in the February 2016 general election.

The JLP had a narrow 32-31 victory in the last general election but has since won two by-elections and currently holds 34 seats in the House of Parliament to the PNP’s 29.