German Bishops declare homosexuality to be normal

Homosexuality is normal. That’s the declaration coming out of talks by German Bishops, as the country’s Catholic Church begins a controversial review of its teachings on sexual morality.

In a statement to the Catholic News Agency Berlin’s Archbishop Heiner Koch, said, “The sexual preference of man expresses itself in puberty and assumes a hetero or homosexual orientation.”

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Berlin’s Archbishop Heiner Koch (Photo:

“Both belong to the normal forms of sexual predisposition, which cannot or should be changed with the help of a specific socialization,” he continued. 

He said the church’s new stance on the issue was made possible by Pope Francis’s book on marriage and family called Amoris Laetitia

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He further stated that any form of discrimination of persons with a homosexual orientation was to be rejected, as was “explicitly stressed by Pope Francis” in Amoris laetitia.