German football league to resume after coronavirus break

(Photo: Robert Michael/dpa via AP)

German football league, Bundesliga will resume matches today after a two months break because of the coronavirus pandemic. But the games will be played in empty stadiums, with about 300 essential staff and officials attending.

Club executives, firefighters and police forces, stadium security personnel and journalists are expected to be in the stands during the matches.

There will also be with no children to accompany players to the field, no contact between rivals in the tunnel before the games, and no handshakes with the referee or match officials.

Players have also been told not to spit, celebrate in groups or touch hands with teammates.

As part of the coronavirus measures to maintain physical distancing, the teams will not be allowed to get their photos taken before the kick-off.

Substitute players will have to wear masks and sit apart. Coaches will be permitted to remove their masks to shout instructions at their players – as long as they stay at least 1.5 metres away.

Of course, playing a game without an audience will take some getting used to, but players are advised to keep their emotions in check.

Germany’s Bundesliga will be the first major football league in Europe