‘Get off the phone, kids!’: Ochi cabbie being praised after student walks distracted into traffic

(Photo: Fortune.com)

Quick thinking and calm reflexes from one St. Ann route taxi driver spared the life of a student, who was distracted by his smartphone and hit on Monday morning, November 25.

A dashcam video of the incident, which has been circulating on social media this weekend, shows the exact moment when the male student was struck – his cell phone flung metres away.

The video places the student walking out onto the bustling Milford Avenue around 11:38 am, after which a woman in the background exclaimed in surprise as the young man was hoisted into the air by the car.

The taxi driver, who tried his best to avoid the oblivious teenager, then slowed down as witnesses on both sides of the Ocho Rios thoroughfare watched the student slowly get to his feet.

Check the video out below: (NB: Some coarse language, viewer discretion is advised.)

One man can be seen near the end of the clip, collecting the young man’s phone from the other side of the road, coming to his aid.

The 30-second clip, shared on Twitter by @Robot_Taxi, has received much praise for the driver’s life-saving manoeuvre – on a page that blasts other taxis for dangerous driving practices across Jamaica.

BUZZ has been informed that the pedestrian, reportedly a student from Ocho Rios High, was taken to hospital, released and is recovering at home.

The identities of the student and the cab driver are not known at this time, but still, great job!

Please, students and other vulnerable pedestrians…DON’T text and walk.

The life you save could be your own.