GHETTO YUTE RISE UP: From delinquent student loan borrower to Prime Minister

Prime Minister Andrew Holness

BUZZ fam, I’m going to add myself to the list of people who will tell you that it’s not where you’re coming from, but it’s where you’re going in this thing called life.

Still skeptical? Well, did you know that our Prime Minister, Andrew Holness was once a delinquent student loan borrower?

Yassss. A twitter post by @Teetimus showed a newspaper clipping from September 1996, where the Prime Minister was listed among the people owing money to the baleful Student Loan Bureau.

The post was done with the obvious intention to embarrass Andrew Holness, but unfortunately for @Teetimus, it had the opposite effect. 

It was followed by a string of responses, praising the Prime Minister for raising from ‘nothing to something’.

Senator Robert Nesta Morgan reposted the picture to his Facebook page with the caption: “Every ghetto yute can be great. From Cumberland to Number 1. From nothing to something. From. Ensom City to Kingston City. From board house to Jamaica House. From poor bad to BroGad. Don’t ever let where you are from control where you are going,” he wrote.