‘Government did not seek to influence corruption probe involving Ruel Reid’

Karl Samuda

Education and Information Minister Karl Samuda said the government will not interfere with police investigations which led to the detention Wednesday morning (Oct 9) of former minister Ruel Reid and three other persons.

Four simultaneous raids were conducted by the Major Organisd Crime and Anti Corruption Agency (MOCA) which resulted in former Education, Information and Youth Minister Reid, his wife Sharen, daughter Sharelle and President of the Caribbean Maritime University (CMU) Fritz Pinnock.

“The investigation that has been embarked on is one that we had absolutely nothing to do with nor did we at any as a government, me as a minister or any other minister that I know of, sought to influence, either the manner of the investigation or the outcome of the investigation. As indeed that we be a major breach of our commitment to the upholding and maintenance of the rule of law,” Samuda told reporters at a post-cabinet press briefing at Jamaica House on Wednesday morning.