Government pushing to use music to attract more tourists

Chairman of the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF), Godfrey Dyer (right), presents a certificate and a Bluetooth Bob Marley headset to Pier 1 Disc Jockey, Michael McKnight, during the graduation ceremony for 40 disc jockeys and entertainment workers,  at Pier 1, Montego Bay, St. James, on Wednesday (Oct 30).

The Government is expected to continue to establish policies and programmes to boost tourist arrivals and earnings through music and entertainment.

This was outlined in a speech delivered by Chairman of the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) Godfrey Dyer on Wednesday (Oct 30). The speech was made on behalf of Tourism Minister Ed Bartlett at a graduation ceremony for the second batch of entertainment workers under the DJ Academy Capacity Building Training Programme for disc jockeys in hotels.

“Jamaica is picking up the tempo and leveraging the big pull factor of our local music to attract more visitors to our island and engage them in new experiences. This is why the DJ Academy programme for hotel DJs and entertainment staff is so important, as we seek to embrace the entertainment offerings of our hotels and attractions,” he said.

Godfrey Dyer delivers a speech on behalf of Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett at the graduation ceremony for 40 Disc Jockeys and entertainment workers.

He further noted that music and music festivals are great avenues to diversify Jamaica’s tourism offerings, while boosting the local and national economy.

“Music is the heartbeat of our culture. There is a clear synergy between music and tourism. Millions of people are travelling the world annually to enjoy music events and explore new destinations. Here in Jamaica, particularly in Montego Bay, we know first-hand the pull of music festivals. Some $1 billion was generated by last July’s Reggae Sumfest,” he said.