Government working to make housing more accessible to young professionals

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says his government is working on a plan to make housing more affordable to young professionals. 

Prime Minister, Andrew Holness

He was speaking at a youth forum recently, where he expressed empathy for the challenges young professionals face when trying to own a home. 

“There is a segment in the housing market of the young professional, they would have graduated, studied hard, gained a profession, but they’re carrying their student loan, now they take over responsibility for their parents, they have dependents other than children,” he said.

“So their income is stretched and it can be very stressful on them and they have to now focus on their shelter needs, and they have to rent, and rent and renting is not always the best solution,” he added. 

His said the issue has been brought to his government’s attention, and they’re working on it. “I’ve gotten my email, many dms. I can’t say what we plan to do now, but give me a few more months we’ll see what policies we can come up with,” he said.