Gov’t in a bind as more teachers leave public education system

Education Minister Karl Samuda.

Education Minister Karl Samuda has disclosed that 390 teachers have left the public school system between September and February, but that the ministry is taking steps to fill that gap.

He was speaking at a press conference on Thursday, where he addressed media reports about the resignations.

“Whenever a teacher resigns from an institution the assumption is that it is to pursue opportunities overseas and therefore a loss to the system,” he said, pointing out that this is not always true, as some teachers enter professions in the private sector, or move to other teaching jobs.

Mitigation measures include rehiring of retired teachers, allowing final-year teachers to have their teaching practice at institutions, merging smaller classes, hiring part-time teachers, and sharing of expertise through the twinning of schools programme.

In the meantime, he said the system is prepared for the Primary Exit Profile examination, which will begin on February 25. Training of invigilators has begun and timetables and verification lists have been issued to schools.