Grab a glass! Red wine flows from pipes in Italian town

It said that red wine flowed through the pipes for about three hours.

Hello, wine aficionados. Wouldn’t you love to see wine flowing through your pipes?

Well, residents in the Italian town of Castelvetro got an unexpected surprise on Wednesday, when for about three hours, their taps produced red wine instead of the usual water.

It is said that this was caused by a faulty valve at a local winery where one thousand litres of the liquid was fed into the water system, providing residents with a very large serving of the Lambrusco Grasparossa.

The ready-to-be bottled wine is said to have been produced by local winery Cantina Settecani, and the glitch affected about twenty homes in the area.

Residents welcomed the ‘accident’, as they have been going through a tough time with the outbreak of coronavirus in Italy.