Grenada to ban soda and snacks in schools

The Government of Grenada will ban the sale of carbonated drinks and other snacks in public and private schools starting January 1.

Grenada’s Education Minister Emmalin Pierre

According to Education Minister Emmalin Pierre, a 2010-2016 study indicates that approximately 20 per cent of the island’s children between 12 and 16 years old were either obese or overweight, the same condition afflicting two-six per cent of children up to five years old.

“We will move to ban the sale of certain products in schools.”

— Pierre

“I don’t need to explain further, in addition to obesity and all of the other chronic illnesses that our children are coming down with, why we need to take some very strong action in 2020. And so from the 1st January 2020, we will move to fully implement Grenada’s school nutrition policy,” she said.

“We will move to ban the sale of certain products in schools, including sodas and sweet snacks, that our children are abusing.”

The ban will also apply to vendors on schools compound, with the government planning to give them permits to ensure that they comply with the new nutrition policy.

In addition, the government’s EC$3.1m school’s feeding programme will be changed.