Guardsman Hospitality to renovate Fort Clarence for October 18 re-opening

Guardsman Hospitality will reopen Fort Clarence Beach on October 18 after doing basic upgrades to the structures that are currently on the property.

Gallery below with sections of the property to undergo renovation.

The upgrades will be the first phase of a five-year redevelopment plan by Guardsman Hospitality for Fort Clarence, which was leased from the Urban Development Corporation (UDC) for 25 years.

Section of Fort Clarence Beach prior to the renovation by Guardsman Hospitality

According to general manager, Laura Heron, Guardsman Hospitality has plans to have a water park and pool, while structures such as the kitchen, bathroom, storage area and changing areas will be torn down and rebuilt to international standard.

Laura Heron, General Manager, Guardsman Hospitality

Details of the plans were disclosed by Heron during a media tour of the property Wednesday morning. The rundown structures that currently occupy Fort Clarence were also shown to the media.

Guardsman Hospitality took control of Fort Clarence on September 1 after acquiring the lease from the UDC. Since then, the facility has been closed to the public.