Guyana election debacle ongoing —High Court rules it has jurisdiction to hear injunction

Acting Chief Justice, Roxane George-Wiltshire, Sunday (March 8) ruled that the High Court has jurisdiction to an injunction filed by a supporter of the main opposition People’s  Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) as Guyana awaits the outcome of last Monday’s regional and general elections.

“I am therefore cognizant that the restriction that would require the approach to the courts by way of election petitions. However there can clearly be cases where the court’s supervisory jurisdiction can be invoked to ensure…the smooth operation or progress of the election proceedings or process,” the Acting Chief Justice said.

“A court cannot shirk its duty in this regard and shelter behind the contention that an election petition should be filed when the case clearly does not so warrant.

“As such having found that there is prima facie evidence to support the court having jurisdiction to hear this application, the respondents must be given a chance to be heard in response through any evidence they may wish to file,” The Acting Chief Justice added.