Guyana still awaits election results – High Court to rule on Sunday

Acting Chief Justice Roxane George-Wiltshire Saturday said she would deliver a preliminary ruling on Sunday as to whether an injunction granted to the opposition People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) should be permanent as the two main political entities here seek legal redress in the latest twist to Monday’s regional and general elections for which no clear winner has yet to be announced.

“This morning I had indicated that we would work tomorrow and Monday, but as you know Monday is a holiday here in Guyana. I am now amending that. I will rule on this point tomorrow (Sunday, March 8) at 1.30 pm (local time) …and whichever way it goes we would take the break on the Monday to resume on Tuesday.

“But as it stands right now will rule on this preliminary issue tomorrow. I doubt it will be a very length ruling,” she said, after hearing arguments for several hours from the attorneys.

Trinidad-based Senior Counsel, Douglas Mendes noted, “What these proceedings seek to do is to progress the election, to facilitate the election in accordance with the law irrespective of what the results might.”