Guyana’s President promises to continue investing in education

President David Granger says that his coalition government will continue to invest in education through the introduction of the Public Education Assistance Key (PEAK). 

Speaking on Saturday at a political rally,  Granger explained “this will be a reward to parents who keep their children in school. If parents can show that their children have a high attendance record, they will be paid for every day that their child goes to school up to the age of 15.”

This promise follows another that was recently made, in which Granger said the coalition intends to put oil monies into the homes of Guyanese and the issuance of grants for educational purposes will be one of the measures to do so.

He highlighted that since assuming office in 2015, his administration has worked to improve access to education through the implementation of the Public Education Transportation Service (PETS) and the Public Education Nutrition System (PENS).

He shared that his vision is to ensure children all across Guyana are educated and are provided with equal opportunities.